‘False consciousness’ is a Marxist term that describes a condition where an individual’s psychology is affected by factors that produce a lack of awareness of his or her own oppression.

This condition sees psychology and society as two sides of the same coin. It identifies society as an oppressive network, and people’s individual and collective psychology, as reinforcing this cycle.

In many cases, this cycle inhibits the ability for society to move forward and develop freedom of expression, a crisis that the Arab world continues to face in a post-colonial era.

The mechanisms that sustain this network operate on three levels: the community, the tribe, and the self.The many repercussions of this system on the individual include inequality, superstition, tribalism, fatalism, and inferiority complex.

This project presents people with meditations that confront the condition of self-oppression by sampling and remixing text and imagery in a range of graphic formats and media.